Kickstart and PXELinux

As part of a vertical consolidation and virtualization project, I had set up a Kickstart configuration in order to boot x86 servers and install the VMWare ESX Server software. While I wrote this document specifically for ESX installations, the underlying OS was a modified Redhat 7.x distro (or something that seemed awfully similar). So here …

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Perl Praises and Beefs

An insightful member of the slashdot community had made this observation here (http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=189778&cid=15623704). Thought I’d spin it off and blog it. Praise The power of perl is irrefutable — it helps slap together quick and clean solutions to irritating admin problems. The flip-side of being a perl jockey I guess is that one tends to …

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