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Sun Cluster Cheat Sheet — 4

Data Services in the Cluster HAStoragePlus helps configure a local filesystem into a highly available one. It provides following capabilities: additional filesystem checks mounts and unmounts enables Sun cluster to failover local file systems (to failover, local file system must reside on global dgs with affinity switchovers enabled) Data Service Agent — is a specially …

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Sun Cluster Cheat Sheet — 1

Cluster Configuration Repository (CCR) /etc/cluster/ccr (directory) Important Files /etc/cluster/ccr/infrastructure Global Services One node is to specific global services. All other nodes communicate with the global services (devices, filesystems) via the Cluster interconnect. Global Naming (DID Devices) – /dev/did/dsk and /dev/did/rdsk DID used only for naming globally — not access DID device names cannot/are not used …

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