Password Vault in Perl

The password vault tool uses the “Crypt::Simple” perl module (don’t go by the name, it’s got a bunch of stuff happening under the hood) to encrypt anything that is typed into the interface and saves it on a file-system acl’ed back end store.

Only a select group (the System Admins) have ability to access this backend store (as a result the Vault application). The appliction has been written to search, modify, add and delete entries and each action is audited in the backend repository. Using a simply Curses based menu, the app is self-intuitive and requires no training.

Sun Cluster Cheat Sheet — 4

Data Services in the Cluster HAStoragePlus helps configure a local filesystem into a highly available one. It provides following capabilities: additional filesystem checks mounts and unmounts enables Sun cluster to failover local file systems (to failover, local file system must reside on global dgs with affinity switchovers enabled) Data Service Agent — is a specially …

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