Automating Splunk Agent Deployment

This is an old one. I thought I’d post this before it falls off main memory.

You will need two things for this. I’ll start with the obvious.

  1. A splunk server configured to act as a deployment server (which will result in apps, configurations, etc being deployed centrally)
  2. A centralized “bastion” host, that has root-level ssh-based trust established with your target hosts (ie splunk agents). Another option is to have unprivileged ssh key-based trusts set up, but with local sudo privileges (passwordless) on each of your target hosts.

Once you do that, you can run a modification of this script shown below —

I’d written in for an old shop of mine, where we managed Solaris on SPARC, Solaris on x86 and Redhat Linux. Modify/write functions corresponding to your target OS of choice and it should do pretty much what you need rather easily.

Another thing to watch out for is make sure the version of splunk you are working with hasn’t changed the underlying mechanisms. I had written this for Splunk v4.x at least 3 years back (can’t remember how long ago now – this is one script I didn’t put in version control, so no way for me to tell how old it…and timestamps changed because I copied them from my old laptop, etc).


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